RCP Management is partnering with Helping Hands of New Jersey to provide relief to those affected by the recent gas explosion in Ewing!

Through Helping Hands, RCP Management Company RCP donated a computer to allow one of the victims continue working as a graphic artist. She lost most of her personal belongings including a computer with high resolution graphics that helped her maintain her livelihood. RCP was happy for the opportunity to help.

On behalf of RCP's Charity Committee, from left: Annie Gonzales, Human Resources Officer, Mary Faith Nugiel, President, Krissy Munson, Vice President and Matthew Marlowe, Vice President, we thank Helping Hands for allowing us the opportunity to assist in your relief efforts!


In our technologically dependent world, RCP believes there is simply no replacement for genuine human contact.  From seeing a smiling face.  To hearing a calming voice.
Or receiving a firm handshake.  We understand that we are not just managing property; we’re managing people’s homes.  We are committed to delivering dedicated service
in a courteous and truthful manner while upholding the values of our clients.

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